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<h2>Building from source</h2>
<p>Full source code for this utility is available, and building has
been tested under windows and linux. To build it under windows will
require cygwin. You'll need subversion, gcc, and make. make needs to
be version 3.81 or later. To build the windows installer, you'll
need to also install <a
href="">NSIS</a> and add it to
your PATH.</p>
<p>To install the source code, cd to the directory where you would
like the projects tree to go to, and do the following:</p>
svn co projects
<p>The above will retrieve a small set of files required to build
the command line utility. To check out the full tree, use:</p>
svn co projects
<p>To build, use</p>
cd projects/bioloid/cli
<p>To build the windows installer (windows only):</p>
make installer
<p>Note that while cygwin is required to build under windows, the
bioloid executable is a Win32 native app (i.e. doesn't require
<p>Under windows, the executable can be found in bin/mingw. Under
linux, the executable can be found in bin/linux.</p>
<p>To build for the gumstix, you'll need to edit the
projects/rules/ file and ensure that the
MK_TOOLS_DIR and MK_CROSS_COMPILE are initialized properly for your
build environment. To build, use the command:</p>
make MK_OS=gumstix
<p>The reg-*.bld files are expected to be in the same directory as
the executable.</p>