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321 3083d 10h dhylands /linux/gpio/lib/ Made functions use C linkage (for inclusion in C++ projects)  
320 3087d 04h dhylands / Synced up with github  
319 3211d 09h dhylands /free-rtos/ Added some checks to validate FREE_RTOS variable  
318 3214d 19h dhylands /free-rtos/mbed/ Added mbed LED flasher  
317 3219d 19h dhylands /free-rtos/lpc17xx/ Added -g option for building robovero images  
316 3220d 11h dhylands /free-rtos/ Initial checkin of robovero led flasher using Free-RTOS  
315 3226d 06h dhylands /bash/ Added script for performing the customizations I like in ubuntu terminal  
314 3235d 00h dhylands /host/sertest/ Fixed sertest serial port open to not hang waiting for carrier detect when opening the serial port.  
313 3245d 21h dhylands /linux/hello-module/ Added hello-module example kernel module.  
312 3350d 08h dhylands /bash/bin/ Updated backup so that stdout will get sent to root user  
311 3352d 07h dhylands /bash/ Cleanedup startup scripts (executable bits)  
310 3354d 08h dhylands /bash/bin/ Fixed escaping/quoting on  
309 3354d 08h dhylands /bash/ Moved some scripts around - added  
308 3354d 10h dhylands /bash/ Added new script for checking if on wireless network at home  
307 3354d 10h dhylands /bash/ Improved checking for wireless network  
306 3354d 10h dhylands /utils/src/CountLineEndings/ Added trailing white space count to CountLineEndings  
305 3373d 10h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Added YELLOW and DARK_YELLOw colors  
304 3373d 10h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Merged in git branch in the prompt  
303 3373d 11h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Fixed bug in the aliases startup script  
302 3374d 04h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Added ssh-agent script, useful when ssh'ing from the command line  

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