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213 4409d 17h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
212 4418d 20h dhylands /CommServer/ Added some old Comm software so I don't lose it again  
211 4430d 02h dhylands / Added work done so far on bioloid command line interface  
210 4438d 01h dhylands /avr/bioloid/ Added note about being obsolete  
209 4438d 02h dhylands /utils/src/backtrace/ Added backtrace .so file (for linux only)  
208 4438d 02h dhylands /avr/bioloid-serial/ Updated to work with ATMega164P  
207 4438d 02h dhylands /rules/ Updates for hoist stuff and avr-gcc  
206 4438d 02h dhylands /common/avr/ Added support for ATMega164P  
205 4461d 16h dhylands /common/avr/ Added routine to convert flash addresses into 32-bit address  
204 4461d 16h dhylands /common/avr/ Routine to copy memory from flash using a 32-bit pointer  
203 4465d 05h dhylands /avr/ Updated to avrisp mkii rules to work under ubuntu 9.04  
202 4468d 21h dhylands / Added missing license files and updated the ReadMe  
201 4489d 16h dhylands /host/boothost/ Add parsing for --rts-reset option  
200 4493d 23h dhylands /host/lib-backtrace/ Added backtrace utility, which seems to work under ubuntu  
199 4499d 02h dhylands /common/avr/ Removed SIG_USART_xxx macros  
198 4499d 04h dhylands /template/ Checking in modified files so they don't get lost  
197 4499d 04h dhylands /common/ Doing some cleanup - checking files which haven't been checked in yet  
196 4499d 04h dhylands /avr/one-wire-test/ Added what I've coded on the 1-wire stuff - not tested yet  
195 4499d 04h dhylands /common/avr/ Updated SIGNAL macro to the newer ISR macro  
194 4499d 04h dhylands /common/avr/ Updated to use the ISR macro rather than the SIGNAL macro  

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