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300 3274d 13h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Moade improvements to AddPath in  
299 3282d 06h dhylands /avr/ Added udev rules for avrisp with avrdude  
298 3300d 20h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/module/ Apply patch by Philipp Lutz

fixes a bug when using clean signals (bug caused both edges to be reported even though only one was requested.
297 3303d 04h dhylands /teensy/heartbeat/ Updated comments in teensy heartbeat Makefile  
296 3303d 04h dhylands /avr/ Started working on bootloader support for 3pi  
295 3303d 04h dhylands /rules/ Updates to support 3pi  
294 3303d 04h dhylands /common/ Updates to LCD code to support scattered data pins. Logging support for teensy  
293 3303d 04h dhylands /robots/ New files created for my 3pi robot  
292 3303d 08h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/module/ Fixed spinlock declarations to use DEFINE_SPINLOCK  
291 3308d 09h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Script from Linux Journal for archiving a CD as an ISO image  
290 3332d 04h dhylands /linux/test-mutex/ Added disassembled code for CONFIG_SMP disabled  
289 3332d 06h dhylands /linux/test-mutex/ Updated to test mutexes, semaphores, and atomic increment  
288 3333d 05h dhylands /linux/ Fixed gpio makefiles for new gumstix environment
Added test-mutex code
287 3355d 08h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Changed shell from sh to bash so that echo works properly  
286 3355d 12h dhylands /utils/src/args/ Reverted to build linux app  
285 3355d 12h dhylands /bash/ Converted line endings to linux  
284 3414d 15h dhylands /host/ Added UDP client and server samepl programs from  
283 3445d 11h dhylands /linux/ Fixed the ioctl and to use unlocked_ioctl insated, for the gpio and gpio_event modules  
282 3516d 14h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Now test for existance of directories before adding to PATH  
281 3516d 14h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Now tests for precence of the directory before adding VCStudio to the path  

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