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299 3537d 11h dhylands /avr/ Added udev rules for avrisp with avrdude  
296 3558d 09h dhylands /avr/ Started working on bootloader support for 3pi  
261 4005d 01h dhylands / Fixed STOP bit definition for 1 stop bit  
255 4056d 23h dhylands /avr/Flash-LED-robostix/ Added fuse settings  
213 4129d 13h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
210 4157d 21h dhylands /avr/bioloid/ Added note about being obsolete  
208 4157d 21h dhylands /avr/bioloid-serial/ Updated to work with ATMega164P  
203 4185d 01h dhylands /avr/ Updated to avrisp mkii rules to work under ubuntu 9.04  
196 4218d 23h dhylands /avr/one-wire-test/ Added what I've coded on the 1-wire stuff - not tested yet  
193 4444d 00h dhylands /avr/qd-test/ Added qd-test test app for QD.c and QD.h  
186 4600d 23h jhylands /avr/bioloid-io/ Bioloid General I/O Board  
185 4600d 23h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ Update for new fuse settings  
184 4600d 23h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/ Update for new board layout  
183 4600d 23h jhylands /avr/compass-test/ Simple example for HMC-6343 I2C compass.  
177 4732d 03h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/ New board revision  
176 4732d 03h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/  
174 4761d 12h dhylands /avr/simple-flasher/ Added a super simple flasher program  
171 4784d 11h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Added target for robostix  
159 4901d 15h jhylands /avr/reflow-oven/ Minor update of temperature profile  
158 4901d 15h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripper/ Initial version  
157 4901d 15h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/  
145 5045d 05h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ Release Revision 1 Code  
143 5072d 15h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripTest/ fixed and working  
142 5073d 06h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripTest/ PWM Test using vishay h-bridge  
141 5073d 06h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ minor updates  
140 5076d 10h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Fixed DelayMS routine to work with 4.x compiler  
138 5076d 11h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Fixed some checks for LED_ and SW_  
133 5077d 10h dhylands /avr/flasher-m168/ Switched to using boothost  
132 5077d 10h dhylands /avr/tiny45-tach/ Using avrdude since I moved to linux  
130 5078d 08h dhylands /avr/baby-o-tach/ Updated to work with the new UART code  
129 5078d 08h dhylands /avr/adc-test/ Found some bugs in 8-bit ISR mode. Now samples all 8 channels  
127 5078d 08h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Enhanced to allow target specific bootloaders  
121 5080d 10h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Added ability to build bootloader for a specific target  
112 5131d 08h jhylands /avr/reflow-oven/ PCB version  
109 5131d 13h dhylands /avr/ udev rules file for the AVRISP mkII  
108 5131d 13h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Added optional banner
Fixed up flags to make work for avr-gcc 4.1.1
101 5135d 19h dhylands / Fixed wrapping problem
Adjusted m168 test program to use 2x16 LCD
100 5137d 10h dhylands /avr/lcd-m168/ Added sample which drives LCD from mega 168  
99 5137d 18h jhylands /avr/lcd-robostix/ LCD for ATmega88/168  
98 5140d 03h dhylands / Added LCD stuff from the robostix svn