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210 4109d 07h dhylands /avr/bioloid/ Added note about being obsolete  
208 4109d 07h dhylands /avr/bioloid-serial/ Updated to work with ATMega164P  
203 4136d 11h dhylands /avr/ Updated to avrisp mkii rules to work under ubuntu 9.04  
196 4170d 09h dhylands /avr/one-wire-test/ Added what I've coded on the 1-wire stuff - not tested yet  
193 4395d 09h dhylands /avr/qd-test/ Added qd-test test app for QD.c and QD.h  
186 4552d 09h jhylands /avr/bioloid-io/ Bioloid General I/O Board  
185 4552d 09h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ Update for new fuse settings  
184 4552d 09h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/ Update for new board layout  
183 4552d 09h jhylands /avr/compass-test/ Simple example for HMC-6343 I2C compass.  
177 4683d 13h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/ New board revision  
176 4683d 13h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/  
174 4712d 21h dhylands /avr/simple-flasher/ Added a super simple flasher program  
171 4735d 21h dhylands /avr/bootloader-stk500/ Added target for robostix  
159 4853d 01h jhylands /avr/reflow-oven/ Minor update of temperature profile  
158 4853d 01h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripper/ Initial version  
157 4853d 01h jhylands /avr/bioloid-foot/  
145 4996d 14h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ Release Revision 1 Code  
143 5024d 00h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripTest/ fixed and working  
142 5024d 16h jhylands /avr/bioloid-gripTest/ PWM Test using vishay h-bridge  
141 5024d 16h jhylands /avr/bioloid-imu/ minor updates  

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