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320 2773d 00h dhylands / Synced up with github  
312 3036d 05h dhylands /bash/bin/ Updated backup so that stdout will get sent to root user  
309 3040d 05h dhylands /bash/ Moved some scripts around - added  
307 3040d 06h dhylands /bash/ Improved checking for wireless network  
278 3427d 08h dhylands /bash/ Doh - removed decimal point from monthStamp as well.  
277 3456d 07h dhylands /bash/ Removed decimal from weekStamp  
213 3675d 19h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
179 4168d 09h dhylands /bash/ Changed the name of my HOME WLAN  
164 4426d 19h dhylands /bash/ Removed extraneous echo from the log for  
163 4431d 09h dhylands /bash/ Backup script I use for backing up my computer