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320 2948d 23h dhylands / Synced up with github  
311 3214d 02h dhylands /bash/ Cleanedup startup scripts (executable bits)  
305 3235d 05h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Added YELLOW and DARK_YELLOw colors  
304 3235d 05h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Merged in git branch in the prompt  
303 3235d 06h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Fixed bug in the aliases startup script  
302 3235d 23h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Added ssh-agent script, useful when ssh'ing from the command line  
301 3236d 00h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Updated startup scripts  
300 3252d 00h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Moade improvements to AddPath in  
282 3494d 00h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Now test for existance of directories before adding to PATH  
281 3494d 00h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Now tests for precence of the directory before adding VCStudio to the path  
279 3524d 14h dhylands / Added support for Teensy board, along with a heartbeat program.
Checked in a few misc changes that haven't yet been checked in (win32 support, and some alias changes)
213 3851d 18h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
173 4500d 00h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Moved alias of open into linux-specific file  
160 4619d 05h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Minor changes to reflect my ubuntu setup  
93 4876d 02h dhylands /bash/ Final shuffling and renaming  
92 4876d 03h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Moved files around  
91 4876d 03h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Splitting out os specific aliases  
90 4876d 04h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Fixed comment  
79 4878d 23h dhylands /bash/dot-startup.d/ Added ARM compiler (for luminary Cortex-M3) into PATH  
20 4939d 12h dhylands /bash/ Added bash startup scripts etc.