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279 3291d 05h dhylands / Added support for Teensy board, along with a heartbeat program.
Checked in a few misc changes that haven't yet been checked in (win32 support, and some alias changes)
262 3490d 07h dhylands / Added packet parser support for SYNC_WRITE. It can now filter out IDs which it isn't interested in.  
260 3513d 08h dhylands /bioloid/gen-dev-type/ Added gen-dev-type utility (still in progress)  
256 3545d 18h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Minor improvements to bioloid stuff  
241 3601d 19h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added build instructions  
238 3601d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Fixed C++ warnings now that warning levels have been enabled  
237 3601d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Initial version of sensor device type  
236 3601d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Minor cleanup  
233 3603d 16h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Updated for gumstix build  
231 3603d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Now compiles under linux  
229 3603d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Converted files to linux line endings  
227 3603d 20h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Started to add support for NetBus  
226 3608d 20h jhylands /bioloid/cli/ added icon file, minor fix to help file  
225 3609d 05h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added missing file  
224 3609d 05h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Now adds the bioloid directory to the PATH  
223 3609d 06h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added an installer for the bioloid utility  
222 3610d 06h dhylands / Improved the scan command, and fixed the get all to report an error for non-existant devices  
221 3610d 11h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added another missing file, and deleted some errant text that got in.  
220 3610d 11h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added some missing files  
219 3610d 15h dhylands / Added documentation  

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