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233 4520d 19h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Updated for gumstix build  
231 4520d 22h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Now compiles under linux  
229 4520d 23h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Converted files to linux line endings  
227 4520d 23h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Started to add support for NetBus  
226 4525d 23h jhylands /bioloid/cli/ added icon file, minor fix to help file  
224 4526d 08h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Now adds the bioloid directory to the PATH  
223 4526d 08h dhylands /bioloid/cli/ Added an installer for the bioloid utility  
218 4528d 10h dhylands / bioloid command line utility can now parse reg-*.bld files to get register definitions.  
216 4533d 15h dhylands / Added support for mingw version of bioloid command line tool  
213 4535d 12h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
211 4555d 20h dhylands / Added work done so far on bioloid command line interface