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320 2595d 01h dhylands / Synced up with github  
294 2926d 16h dhylands /common/ Updates to LCD code to support scattered data pins. Logging support for teensy  
264 3331d 18h dhylands / Initial version of Razor 9DOF IMU parser  
263 3356d 07h dhylands /common/ Cleaned up the header comment for Switch.h  
262 3369d 18h dhylands / Added packet parser support for SYNC_WRITE. It can now filter out IDs which it isn't interested in.  
261 3373d 08h dhylands / Fixed STOP bit definition for 1 stop bit  
259 3417d 23h dhylands / Added misc directory  
254 3425d 06h dhylands /common/mingw/ Added mingw versions of opendir/readdir/closedir  
253 3425d 06h dhylands /common/ Minor improvements to bioloid routines  
243 3469d 20h dhylands /common/avr/ Now enabled irqs if UART is configured to use irq mode  
242 3478d 05h dhylands /common/ Initial version of a number formatting routine  
240 3481d 06h dhylands /common/ Removed some compiler warnings  
232 3483d 06h dhylands /common/ Now compiles under linux  
230 3483d 07h dhylands /common/ Converted files to linux line endings  
228 3483d 07h dhylands /common/ Added Error.h/cpp support for posix platforms  
222 3489d 17h dhylands / Improved the scan command, and fixed the get all to report an error for non-existant devices  
219 3490d 02h dhylands / Added documentation  
218 3490d 18h dhylands / bioloid command line utility can now parse reg-*.bld files to get register definitions.  
217 3495d 03h dhylands / Added set and set-raw commands  
216 3495d 23h dhylands / Added support for mingw version of bioloid command line tool  

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