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213 4573d 22h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
211 4594d 07h dhylands / Added work done so far on bioloid command line interface  
206 4602d 07h dhylands /common/avr/ Added support for ATMega164P  
205 4625d 21h dhylands /common/avr/ Added routine to convert flash addresses into 32-bit address  
204 4625d 21h dhylands /common/avr/ Routine to copy memory from flash using a 32-bit pointer  
199 4663d 07h dhylands /common/avr/ Removed SIG_USART_xxx macros  
197 4663d 09h dhylands /common/ Doing some cleanup - checking files which haven't been checked in yet  
195 4663d 09h dhylands /common/avr/ Updated SIGNAL macro to the newer ISR macro  
194 4663d 09h dhylands /common/avr/ Updated to use the ISR macro rather than the SIGNAL macro  
192 4889d 05h dhylands /common/avr/ Copied QD.c & QD.h from robostix repository  
191 4918d 09h dhylands /common/ Added volatile to C++ example  
190 4918d 09h dhylands /common/ Fixed a problem where the packet scanner might get confused by 0xFF's in the packet  
187 4975d 00h dhylands /common/ Added BLD_SendStatus function  
182 5045d 09h jhylands /common/avr/ General I2C hardware interface routines  
175 5199d 04h dhylands /common/avr/ Added InitUART to the list of functions offered by the API  
172 5227d 20h dhylands /common/avr/ Replaces isn't with isnt to get rid of compiler warnings  
147 5479d 09h dhylands /common/lpc/ Added lpc support  
144 5503d 04h dhylands /common/avr/ Fixed UART1_Write to call UART1_PutChar  
135 5521d 04h dhylands /common/ Added missing files for the state machine compiler  
134 5521d 20h dhylands /common/ Added some doxygen comments  

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