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320 2974d 07h dhylands / Synced up with github  
314 3122d 03h dhylands /host/sertest/ Fixed sertest serial port open to not hang waiting for carrier detect when opening the serial port.  
284 3417d 10h dhylands /host/ Added UDP client and server samepl programs from  
264 3711d 00h dhylands / Initial version of Razor 9DOF IMU parser  
252 3807d 23h dhylands /host/readdir-test/ Added test program for opendir/readdir/closedir  
213 3877d 02h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
211 3897d 11h dhylands / Added work done so far on bioloid command line interface  
201 3957d 00h dhylands /host/boothost/ Add parsing for --rts-reset option  
200 3961d 08h dhylands /host/lib-backtrace/ Added backtrace utility, which seems to work under ubuntu  
188 4243d 03h dhylands /host/ Updated the copyright notice  
181 4352d 11h jhylands /host/bioloid-servo-test/ added ping command  
180 4352d 12h dhylands /host/bioloid-servo-test/ Added support for 250k, 500k, and 1M baud.  
178 4395d 02h dhylands /host/sertest/ Added implementation of cfmakeraw for cygwin  
167 4609d 05h dhylands /host/boothost/ Added code to BootHost to ignore null characters while syncing with bootloader  
165 4624d 13h dhylands /host/Split-Exif/ Checked in utility for recovering photos from CF card on Canon Rebel XTi  
139 4824d 00h dhylands /host/boothost/ Fixed to work under cygwin  
137 4824d 07h dhylands /host/smc/ Renamed smc.l to smc_lex.l  
136 4824d 07h dhylands /host/smc/ Updated to use smc_tab.y rather than smc.y  
120 4843d 04h dhylands /host/smc/ State Machine Compiler works.  
119 4846d 15h dhylands /host/smc/ Initial version - compiles clean - doesn't work  

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