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321 2652d 08h dhylands /linux/gpio/lib/ Made functions use C linkage (for inclusion in C++ projects)  
320 2656d 01h dhylands / Synced up with github  
313 2814d 18h dhylands /linux/hello-module/ Added hello-module example kernel module.  
298 2985d 09h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/module/ Apply patch by Philipp Lutz

fixes a bug when using clean signals (bug caused both edges to be reported even though only one was requested.
292 2987d 21h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/module/ Fixed spinlock declarations to use DEFINE_SPINLOCK  
290 3016d 16h dhylands /linux/test-mutex/ Added disassembled code for CONFIG_SMP disabled  
289 3016d 18h dhylands /linux/test-mutex/ Updated to test mutexes, semaphores, and atomic increment  
288 3017d 18h dhylands /linux/ Fixed gpio makefiles for new gumstix environment
Added test-mutex code
283 3130d 00h dhylands /linux/ Fixed the ioctl and to use unlocked_ioctl insated, for the gpio and gpio_event modules  
270 3343d 04h dhylands /linux/oe/user.collection/recipes/ Bumped revisions  
269 3343d 04h dhylands /linux/ Updates to reflect changes in 2.6.34 kernel  
268 3343d 07h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/module/ Added #include for slab.h  
267 3351d 18h dhylands /linux/args/ Test program which prints its arguments to stdout  
266 3369d 20h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/app/ Fixed bug where missing /dev/gpio-event wasn't being reported properly.  
251 3510d 07h dhylands /linux/oe/user.collection/recipes/ Removed some stale files  
250 3510d 15h dhylands /linux/gpio/ Some minor tweaks to get the user-gpio module to work  
249 3510d 16h dhylands /linux/gpio-event/app/ Changed gpio range to be 0-255  
248 3510d 23h dhylands /linux/ Minor updates  
247 3510d 23h dhylands /linux/oe/ Added OE recipes for GPIO stuff, etc  
246 3511d 17h dhylands /linux/gpio/module/ Added initialization script for loading the gpio driver  

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