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295 4091d 08h dhylands /rules/ Updates to support 3pi  
279 4335d 08h dhylands / Added support for Teensy board, along with a heartbeat program.
Checked in a few misc changes that haven't yet been checked in (win32 support, and some alias changes)
257 4589d 21h dhylands /rules/ Added comment about fuses  
234 4647d 19h dhylands /rules/ Fixed line endings to be linux - updated gumstix support  
213 4662d 12h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
207 4690d 20h dhylands /rules/ Updates for hoist stuff and avr-gcc  
146 5567d 22h dhylands /rules/ Added lpc support  
110 5664d 12h dhylands /rules/ Fixed to use boothost from the host directory
Updated to use the avr-size syntax from 4.1.1
63 5703d 16h dhylands / Added adc support
Added adc-test
Added log-test
Modifed uart-test to toggle D3
57 5704d 11h dhylands /rules/ Added read-fuses rule  
56 5704d 12h dhylands /rules/ Changed avrdude default to be avrispmkII  
51 5706d 10h dhylands /rules/ Added support for avrdude  
49 5719d 10h dhylands /rules/ Added BootHost support
Added abilty to set fuses using AVRISP
17 5750d 22h dhylands /rules/ Added support for ATTiny series and STK500 (aka AVRISP) for downloading  
9 5785d 08h dhylands /rules/ General improvements - Added cortex-m3 support  
2 5801d 00h dhylands / Makefile infrastructure and some initial utilitied