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239 4774d 12h dhylands /rules/ Fixed warning flags for C++  
235 4774d 13h dhylands /rules/ Turned on warning flags for C++ compiles  
234 4776d 08h dhylands /rules/ Fixed line endings to be linux - updated gumstix support  
218 4783d 23h dhylands / bioloid command line utility can now parse reg-*.bld files to get register definitions.  
215 4790d 23h dhylands /rules/ Removed -rdynamic from cygwin make rules  
207 4819d 10h dhylands /rules/ Updates for hoist stuff and avr-gcc  
151 5693d 21h dhylands /rules/ Now uses -ggdb all the time, and -O0 when debug=1  
146 5696d 12h dhylands /rules/ Added lpc support  
9 5913d 22h dhylands /rules/ General improvements - Added cortex-m3 support  
2 5929d 14h dhylands / Makefile infrastructure and some initial utilitied