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235 4710d 16h dhylands /rules/ Turned on warning flags for C++ compiles  
234 4712d 11h dhylands /rules/ Fixed line endings to be linux - updated gumstix support  
216 4725d 07h dhylands / Added support for mingw version of bioloid command line tool  
154 5519d 18h dhylands /rules/ Added support for mingw build environment  
146 5632d 15h dhylands /rules/ Added lpc support  
123 5676d 03h dhylands /rules/ Allowd obj & bin dir to be set by the original Makefile  
95 5749d 05h dhylands / Fixed up install stuff to allow scripts to be installed
Moved installation directory to be ~/bin
38 5800d 07h dhylands /rules/ Added linux support
Cleaned up install rule to make destination directory first
Now checks for make version 3.81
9 5850d 01h dhylands /rules/ General improvements - Added cortex-m3 support  
2 5865d 17h dhylands / Makefile infrastructure and some initial utilitied