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295 3751d 10h dhylands /rules/ Updates to support 3pi  
234 4307d 21h dhylands /rules/ Fixed line endings to be linux - updated gumstix support  
155 5105d 10h dhylands /rules/ Allow read-fuses to be used whether fuses are defined or not  
110 5324d 14h dhylands /rules/ Fixed to use boothost from the host directory
Updated to use the avr-size syntax from 4.1.1
82 5347d 23h dhylands / Added robostix Flash-LED test program
Added bioloid-serial a test program for bioloid-uart
Added bioloid-uart code
Minor tweaks to Logging to get things working again
Fixed mon target for BootHost
57 5364d 13h dhylands /rules/ Added read-fuses rule  
51 5366d 12h dhylands /rules/ Added support for avrdude  
49 5379d 12h dhylands /rules/ Added BootHost support
Added abilty to set fuses using AVRISP
33 5400d 03h dhylands /rules/ Fixed size reporting for AVR modules  
15 5411d 00h dhylands /rules/ Added support for building the ATTiny series  
2 5461d 03h dhylands / Makefile infrastructure and some initial utilitied