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306 3358d 08h dhylands /utils/src/CountLineEndings/ Added trailing white space count to CountLineEndings  
291 3427d 22h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Script from Linux Journal for archiving a CD as an ISO image  
287 3474d 21h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Changed shell from sh to bash so that echo works properly  
286 3475d 01h dhylands /utils/src/args/ Reverted to build linux app  
279 3666d 17h dhylands / Added support for Teensy board, along with a heartbeat program.
Checked in a few misc changes that haven't yet been checked in (win32 support, and some alias changes)
213 3993d 21h dhylands / Added bioloid command line utility
Minor cleanup
209 4022d 05h dhylands /utils/src/backtrace/ Added backtrace .so file (for linux only)  
189 4359d 21h dhylands / Added script to replace the copyright notice in a source file  
169 4707d 17h dhylands / Added squeak buildroot package  
168 4707d 20h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Added scripts for creating patch files  
162 4756d 20h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Updated to work with linux  
161 4757d 05h dhylands /utils/src/hd/ Removed compiler warning from hd.c - updated Makefile  
156 4776d 17h dhylands /utils/src/ Minor updates to make things build properly  
111 4995d 21h dhylands /utils/ps/ Some miscellaneous PostScript snippets I didn't want to lose  
96 5011d 17h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Added some basic scripts  
95 5015d 22h dhylands / Fixed up install stuff to allow scripts to be installed
Moved installation directory to be ~/bin
94 5018d 05h dhylands /utils/scripts/ Added a script for testing ANSI prompt colors  
74 5031d 00h dhylands /utils/src/CountLineEndings/ Fixed a minor bug in the counting of CR terminated lines  
37 5067d 00h dhylands /utils/src/hd/ Fixed hd.c to compile properly under linux  
25 5076d 19h dhylands / Updated minor changes  

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